Sparks // Zippo

Thrilled and humbled to have my own series of Zippo lighters for my promotional materials for 2015 .. Ideally these are all going out, however - Seeing them piled up I might have a hard time parting with them.. Thanks so much, Zippo.

Snow Day. Pine Barrens, NJ

Sometimes, the best thing to do on a day when no one's doing much - is to get out into it.
With a friend I went to my favorite place in the world:


Bell's Tavern // Lambertville, NJ

For a bit shy of two years I've been working with the folks at Bell's Tavern - a staple in Lambertville to reinvent their presence, and hopefully - reinvigorate their clientele.

Through it, realizing that change doesn't happen over night - that for some, diving into a new idea of self is tasking, even stressful. Self included! Thus, it is with great pleasure and excitement that I can (finally) share the results of the work with the world, viewable HERE, and here:

Will be updating the rest of the collateral and the website imagery as it's shot .. Check back!


A performance I was a guest at in November, replayed for me and my lenses last night.
Meg Foley directed these four amazing souls - the piece was titled "Together(ish)"

Safe Deposit Inc.

Over the winter I worked with a friend on a new business model, and from there - turning it into a reality. Safe Deposit LLC. is a team of off duty police officers working as "hired guns" for business' in some of the most crime ridden areas of Philadelphia. With grander goals over the next several years, their main point of interest is giving the community back the piece of mind they lose when crime runs rampant. Below is the business model I developed, branded, and implemented into a web platform. True Protection, from True Professionals // Safe Deposit:

Overflow -

The dredges of Winter, and the stirring of crazy. Ready to be out in the wild again.

Capacity Stock // January 1 // 2015

A good friend and inspiration of mine - Max Greenberg chose 2015 as the launch of his own line of manufactured goods. I spent the afternoon with him at the start of the year to commemorate the day, and the delivery of his first product, under the name - Capacity Stock.

Check below for some shots - and keep an eye out for all that 2015 has in stock, for Max.


The Race of Gentlemen

Wildwood in the Fall - What a heck of an idea, racing on the beach.
I do believe I'd like to build a car for this years event.